It’s Time: Spring Forward 2020


Hi friends,

I heard a statement “If there’s only one jelly fish at sea, and it stings me – it’s because I slipped up and was late!” I bet this actor was late due to “daylight savings time!” And as tough as it is for some, it’s that time of year again, to turn those closes – forward an hour. If you haven’t done so already, the best time is NOW, go room to room in your home, office and then visit your parents, aunts and grandparents – turn those long hands up one hour for them. Benefit: We gain more time in the evening, which means for some of us, we are more willing to come outside to meetup! I am excited about that, are you? We are also days away from Spring and flu season is ending. I’d only would hope this “coronavirus season” leaves too. But we will chat on the COVID-19 later. Back to time changing…

Go on, get to those clocks right away! I mean really, you don’t want to end up feeling like the white rabbit from Alice and Wonderland, checking time – running to catch up constantly. Start you day correctly by springing forward!

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Maryam and Yahyah

Copyright: Walt Disney’s Production – Alice in Wonderland -1951 Animated Film – snippet: Based on the “Alice” books by Lewis Carroll. Time: 01:21 minute.
Alice In Wonderland | snip – White Rabbit is Late | Alice interested in the party with Meetup HD
Header Image: Illustration of White Rabbit from the 1951 Alice in Wonderland – Ads & Arts

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