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Maryam’s Mark designers provide creative direction in each project you’ll need — big or small — working closely with you from start to finish.  Your logo is the first thing you’ll want customers to see. Your logo will represent your business – forever. The best way to select your logo is to know what you need and to be aware of the different logo categories. Let the root of your brand design needs are all the same, we value the six categories of logo designs.

A great logos should have be appropriate, distinctive, memorable, yet simple while still reflecting your mission statement.  Allow Maryam’s Mark specialist help by creating your logo today. Maryam’s Mark has a system of starting with the “Doodle Test” or the “Thumb Nail ” then onward, get set, go – vector completion! Creative Satisfaction necessary!
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WordMarks – Considering to select a font-based logo which is the business’ name alone works really well when a company has a succinct and distinct name w/o image. Brands who select wordmark logos have a catchy, memorable images such as “Google,” “Ebay,” or “L’Oreal.”

Abstract Marks – The benefit of selecting an Abstract Mark Logo is you can convey what your company offers symbolically using color and form, you will brand with meaning and cultivate emotions without relying on the implications of specific images. Emblem – Selecting an Emblem includes a symbol or an icon surround with font; such as a seal, crest or badge offering a traditional brand appearance with a striking image, used mostly by educationist, non-profit organizations and government agencies.
Mascots – Think of growing your brand reorganization with a simple illustrated character that represents your company. Standing as the ambassador /face of your business. Selecting a Mascot Logo can create a deal of fame from marketing ideas by appealing to your customers and their families in various ways. Pictorial Mark  – An icon or graphic based logo. When considers Pictorial Mark  is which image to choose. Something that will stick with your company’s entire existence. Think about the broader implications of the image you choose and how it  marries into your company’s mission statement w/o font. Combination Mark – Creatively combining the elements of wordmark, mascot and/or pictorial mark together to integrate your brand identity. The picture and text can be integrated with each other, sat side-by-side, text-wrap  while all images are entwined to show as one smooth yet strong image.

Individual Logo Designs Fees:

WordMarks and Pictorial –                Fee: $249.99
Abstract and Emblem –                      Fee: $349.99    
Mascot and Combination Mark –     Fee: $499.99
Initial Logo Down Payment –   Fee: $149.00


What you buying?

Includes 2/3 variations with upto 3 revisions (additional revisions: $65.00/hr) Customer receive Completed Creative Files: Full color/B&W: eps, ai, jpg, tif, png sent via share downloadable drive. 

Let’s get started now. Just select with logo type is best for you, pay your down payment, discuss with our team your about your industry, your competition, who you are, your mission, where you’re aiming to be and how we will help. You talk, We listen and We Create what is good for your business.

How are you paying?
PayPal us your initial logo down payment.
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