Digital Trends and Then…

By Shawnene Vance
Maryam’s Mark Contributor

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The Future of Digital Trends to Market in Your Business – what’s the best way, why and is there a how? Let Maryam’s Mark’s & Company experts tell give you the coffee to get going!

Digital marketing is major contribution for businesses no matter the size, small or large. There are a few things to consider as importance with digital marketing from Digital Marketing Philippines.

  • Digital Marketing Facilitates Communication with Target Audience– Communication is helpful with sharing of videos, photos, and easier way of promotions and advertising. I cannot tell you many times while on Facebook, while using my mobile phone I was engaged in promotions and adverting methods that kept me entertained and enjoying the interaction.
  • Helps Build Brand Reputation– brand reputation helps paying customers and turn them into loyal customers and then focus to your brand ambassadors.
  • Digital Marketing Entices People to take Favorable Action– excellent use of clever and innovative ways to entice adaptations using calls-to-action.

Why is this so important?

Technology is tremendously changing, businesses and competitors are finding ways to gain new customers while maintaining the engagement of existing customers. Based by the article of CONVINCE AND CONVERT, 6 Trends in Digital Advertising That Take Us from 2017 to 2020, had many “jaw dropping ideas on the next way to be innovative and “know your customers!”

The Major two features of this article in which I’d like to elaborate on is Augmented Reality of Snapchat lenses and Google lens.

Reality Technologies explains, that (AR) Augmented Reality is a superior version of reality where people can view the physical real-world environments with augmented computer-generated images over the user’s view of the real-world with current awareness of reality.

This involves with a mobile device such as a tablet or mobile phone where the viewer will use the app of a location either outside on the streets or within the home to add something related to technology in real-time.

How does Snap chat and Google Lens plan to use this feature? How is AR beneficial to your business? Imagine a consumer wanting to buy a pair of glasses, dress, or necklace and she would like to see the benefits of what the item would look like before she purchases these items from a store. Snapchat is already known for adding mask, crowns, and glasses to a user’s face and is prompted to take a photo or video with this item. This enables the use of real-life “try it before you buy it” with the use of Snapchat app.

The use of Google Lens app has the ability to allow your smart phone to not only see what the viewer see’s but also understand what the viewer see’s to help information in real-time such as recognizing addresses, books, and other objects stated from

Google Lens would be beneficial to consumers based by finding the right product in its location in a store, or knowing exactly where an address for a store or restaurant in real time just by position your phone to a location and knowing the items sold, price, menus and the like.

Secondly, data mining with the use of visual search. The uses for Meta-Eyes is so outrageously clever for marketing needs and has so many benefits to your customers’ every move it is almost as if you were right there with them! The benefits to Meta Eyes allows marketers to view images that their customers post on social media feeds. Allowing advertisers to know specifically advertisements that are relevant base by the consumers’ interest.

Meta Eyes works by

1)      Either using a hashtag monitor and categorize Instagram content.

2)      Automatically recognizes the Instagram content and categorizes them.

3)      Then reports the data by a detailed analytics program for inspection.


Considering these trends as beneficial to your business, using these digital marketing tools provides focus in transforming data based by consumers and viewers’ behaviors and interest to create ads in response to their actions in a subtle, efficient, and significant way.


Be on top of digital marketing- do not just pick the most efficient for your business, although, that would be a great idea. Always think of what your business has to offer, your products and services. Then research how the latest digital marketing tool will benefit your ROI for your marketing investments!
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