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You have a business to run! You have a target audience you need to attract. Posters. Post Cards. Palm Cards. Journey Mapping. Event & Product Poster Artistry one of the ways. And so is digital advertising. Get your message it out to your online customers using Maryam’s Mark’s DAM System. Maryam’s Mark and Company’s “Digital Ads & Media System,” better known as the “DAM System” will attract customers into businesses in and out of town. Select between any of our three project DAM Modules and we will work with you to get your product, service and/or initiative in front of potential customers – online today. The World Wide Web awaits you. Check out our online advertising products below and if you are selling tickets, we expect 20% per ticket sale, complete our quick form. Start now.

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Are you having an event but need an audience? Is the pandemic making it hard for you to reach potential prospects? Maryam’s Mark & Co can help. You can use our membership platform! We will help position your event in front of our dedicated members list, set an event on our platform, using a dedicated link to track ticket sales for a small fee of 20% per each ticket sold. Just that easy!

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Terms: Once your order has been placed, Maryam's Mark & Co will contact you via phone or email to discuss the content needs for the Business Editorial/Article and promotional graphics designs to get started. Make sure to provide the best contact information for our representatives to reach you. Please order at least one week to 72 hours or more, in advance of your event/product launch dates to ensure deadlines can be met. Maryam's Mark & Co works on a production schedule for all our customers. We want to make certain to keep you happy by working together on a flexible schedule. We reserve the right to deny rush scheduling. Maryam's Mark & Co will take photographs/video of/at your event for marketing purposes to continue our lead generation journey and in order to track our internal marketing statistics. We want to see and show others how well we've done! Thank you for your cooperation.

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Supply chain value proposition equity rock-star. Conversion equity advisors. Business-to-consumer & Business-to-Business conversion product management accelerators. Maryam’s Mark & Co LLC will create your online advertising and marketing tools to fit your promotional needs. Fast and Professional Services. Digital Advertising services and Targeted Event Sponsorship in collaboration with MM& Co’s partners and network.

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