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Our artists are professional and capable to create what you need to show and see, on canvas, clothes, and on body. Start today to Stay the pencil.  New artistry added monthly.

Maryam’s Mark LLC will offer creative Ads and Arts, to help you have the artistic time of your life. You can hire our artist to excite any special occasions offering Illustrations, Painted and Sketched Portraits, Face Painting Services, Caught on Paint Party, and even hire us for a few weeks during the Summer or Weekend for our Comic Book Camp! The choice is totally yours. Trust the feeling, you will enjoy every artsy minute! 

Hire our professional and available artist as your Illustrator, portrait artist, sketch artist and/or colorist today.  Artist and Creative Writers welcome to collaborate.

Work with Us! CALL 267-474-6713


NOTE: Due to COVID-19 Maryam’s Mark & Co  will not host 2020 Art Showcase with CFEVA – Postponed Until April 2021. Bethel Burial Memorial Arts Tour on Hold.  Maryam’s Mark & Co artist will not offer Face Painting  or In-Person Arts Parties Services to ensure our Artist stay safe during COVID-19. Thank you for your understanding.

ARTISTIC illustrations and stylish Painted presentations.


From your city, in your city. Creating artistry around your town, where art matters, business to business art marketing and personal creative illustrations available.
Make certain to check back as we add our arts gallery of fine arts on canvas and clothe!

Did you get a chance to view our gallery from the 2018 Art Showcase with Center for Emerging Visual Arts (CFEVA) – POST? Take a peak at prior years, we are gearing up new art for 2020 -2021


* Annual Art Show   
* Fine Arts Paintings   
* PHL Community Can Program 
* Illustrator / Sketch Artist
* Graphic Journey Mapping
* Asset Mapping
* Apparel Designs & Painted Clothing
* Colorist / Portraits
* Caught on Paint Party   
* Comic Book Camp   
* Art Lessons 
 * Face Painting  

Entertain by sketch show

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