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the future of online commerce and your need for a website

U.S. Department of Commerce released an article in which they showed the increase in e-commerce sales is approximately $5218.5 billion, and there is an increase of 1.7 percent from the third quarter of 2021. In the U.S., Retail Purchase made online was $167.4 billion in 2013, but it increased to $861.12 billion in 2020. In the future, according to the stats, the graph is likely to increase, such as in 2023, it is said to increase up to 6151 billion dollars, and in 2025 this will increase to $7,391. These stats show that the value of eCommerce sales has increased to a high level.

The world is moving online day by day, and businesses are investing huge amounts in selling their products online. If you are looking for the right opportunity, this is the area to take a deep look. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to flourish your products and services to make huge profits using online tools. Discuss your project with MaryamsMark today. Book a consultation.


  1. You Need a Digital Business Card
  2. You Need to Be Discoverable in Search Engine Results
  3. Consumers Search with Proximity in Mind
  4. It Can Help You Build Credibility
  5. Your Competitors Probably Have One

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designing a landing page that engages visitors

How To Create a Landing Page That Drives Clicks

Communicate your top messages

The most important thing your landing page should do is clearly convey what you offer, and to whom. If you can do this, you stand a good chance of engaging your visitor. Access your landing page by asking the following 2 questions.

 Can anyone quickly “get” what you do by looking at your landing page? The layout, headlines, copy, and graphics on your landing page should… read more.

Need help getting your landing page online? we are here to do it for you. make weekly online payments. start your order now.


Have You used customer testimonials IN YOUR MARKETING?

Get started with these 3 options: 

  1. Highlighting Customer Success:  share how your company helped them succeed their goals and others may want your help too. 
  2. Create your customer journey map: Either share what strategies you should or  has been implement with the end result.
  3. Share the full testimonial story – not just a snip of the hood part. Humanize your brand. Mistakes happen. Stay solid! 


Customer testimonials are still effective marketing tools. Given Americans’ increasing reliance on others’ opinions when buying everything from lipstick to enterprise-level software, testimonials may be more important than ever. Here’s what you need to know to generate customer testimonials with maximum marketing impact.

How to Create a Customer Testimonial Strategy

The goal of customer testimonials is to help convince prospective customers to take the next step — in other words, to overcome objections they may have to doing business with you. Get started on your testimonial strategy by…


it doesn’t end at Send

Sending emails to your prospects for sales purposes only is not enough. It’s important to get accurate information about things like…whether your email was received by recipients. Was it opened or deleted? Were the links in your email clicked? That’s where email tracking software comes in.

With email marketing paid subscription plans you can review engagement reports, campaign comparison, click tracking heat map, click segmentation, mobile open rates, on the go tracking.  Join our list for email marketing detailed information and more.

And start your own email marketing subscription plan under our partnership program. For Member discounts,  Complete our interest form now.


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