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Have you ever clicked on a website that advertised a service or product that you’ve never visited before and thought to yourself, “this website appears to be very outdated” or “how do I find my way around this site?” Chances are, you’re not the only visitor who has felt that way after visiting that website. A crucial factor that will convert potential customers or clients to buy your products or services is your overall website design and user experience. These factors help build trust with your audience when visiting your website. This involves consistent testing to ensure that you optimize your website for desktop, tablet, and mobile experiences. According to, mobile devices are ranked at 59.08% of the internet device market share, while desktops held 38.93%, with tablets remaining much lower at 1.99% for the month of November. With a shift of overall web traffic share gearing into mobile devices, this highlights how important it is to have your website optimized and ready for mobile users.


In order to really have a fantastic website, content is key. The content on your website should captivate your audience and provide valuable information. When you utilize well-written content with the correct keywords, you’ll find you can easily meet the user’s goal. A website that isn’t structured or set up for success from search engine optimization will…  read more.

the future of online commerce and your need for a website

U.S. Department of Commerce released an article in which they showed the increase in e-commerce sales is approximately $5218.5 billion, and there is an increase of 1.7 percent from the third quarter of 2021. In the U.S., Retail Purchase made online was $167.4 billion in 2013, but it increased to $861.12 billion in 2020. In the future, according to the stats, the graph is likely to increase, such as in 2023, it is said to increase up to 6151 billion dollars, and in 2025 this will increase to $7,391. These stats show that the value of eCommerce sales has increased to a high level.

The world is moving online day by day, and businesses are investing huge amounts in selling their products online. If you are looking for the right opportunity, this is the area to take a deep look. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to flourish your products and services to make huge profits using online tools. Discuss your project with MaryamsMark today. Book a consultation.


  1. You Need a Digital Business Card
  2. You Need to Be Discoverable in Search Engine Results
  3. Consumers Search with Proximity in Mind
  4. It Can Help You Build Credibility
  5. Your Competitors Probably Have One

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Why you need to track your marketing performance

The scorecard for your marketing efforts should contain the 5-10 most important metrics that are essential for understanding whether you are succeeding or failing. Once your scorecard has been created and refined, you should be able to look at it and immediately understand how things are going at a deep level.

Focus your scorecard using the “desert island test.” If you were on a desert island without phone or email, and only had one piece of paper with metrics tracked weekly, what would you want those numbers to be?

The scorecard itself has four parts:

  • Metric Description. List the metric, making sure it is specific and numerically measurable.
  • Who is Accountable. Name the one person who is responsible for the metric’s success. While many people can contribute to a goal, only one person can be ultimately accountable for wins and losses. Where two people are accountable, no one is.
  • Weekly Goal. This is the target you are shooting for each week, and can be adjusted upward if performance improvements if needed.
  • Weekly Results. In a real scorecard we would typically put the date as the header for each column. As an extra touch, these cells can be conditionally formatted to change colors based on whether the value is above or below the goal. In the example scorecard below, cells with orange values are off track and cells with blue values are on track.

Sean Henri advises “Optionally, you may want to strengthen your scorecard by adding some context and a story to your data. You can do this by incorporating the following elements:

  • % towards goal
  • % change over previous period
  • Observations on what worked and what didn’t
Ready to start your tracking your perfomance? Download a Free kpi dashboard Template

education: advertising and exposure

How To Get More Exposure - part 1

All we focus on are sales and profits. For this, we should understand that the e-commerce business feels a paramount necessity to grow and expand its market share. So, online commerce is impossible without time, finance, and human investment into business development, scaling, and upgrading. To promote merchandise-specialized e-business, all budding businesspeople should use planning, marketing, and technological tools to make their brand profitable, identifiable, and attractive to clients.

In this case, the marketing and software solutions become the pillars for any e-commerce startup if they want to be named among the top global companies one day. The combination of e-commerce product advertising and data analytical tools helps us develop a stable and client-oriented online business. Forecasting the potential customer’s marketing behavior, we need to focus on the scaling perspectives. Such a goal could become achievable if you appeal to e-commerce  business exposure ideas dividing into several categories:

  • Budget-friendly and creative ideas. These are affordable ways to make our e-commerce business popular via such well-known communication channels as:
    • business social media profiles; 
    • personalization-oriented web resources like Netflix or Amazon marketing ideas;
    • automatic emailing-supported software etc. 
    • Accessible and …

it doesn’t end at Send

Sending emails to your prospects for sales purposes only is not enough. It’s important to get accurate information about things like…whether your email was received by recipients. Was it opened or deleted? Were the links in your email clicked? That’s where email tracking software comes in.

With email marketing paid subscription plans you can review engagement reports, campaign comparison, click tracking heat map, click segmentation, mobile open rates, on the go tracking.  Join our list for email marketing detailed information and more.

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