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the future of online commerce and your need for a website

U.S. Department of Commerce released an article in which they showed the increase in e-commerce sales is approximately $5218.5 billion, and there is an increase of 1.7 percent from the third quarter of 2021. In the U.S., Retail Purchase made online was $167.4 billion in 2013, but it increased to $861.12 billion in 2020. In the future, according to the stats, the graph is likely to increase, such as in 2023, it is said to increase up to 6151 billion dollars, and in 2025 this will increase to $7,391. These stats show that the value of eCommerce sales has increased to a high level.

The world is moving online day by day, and businesses are investing huge amounts in selling their products online. If you are looking for the right opportunity, this is the area to take a deep look. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to flourish your products and services to make huge profits using online tools. Discuss your project with MaryamsMark today. Book a consultation.


  1. You Need a Digital Business Card
  2. You Need to Be Discoverable in Search Engine Results
  3. Consumers Search with Proximity in Mind
  4. It Can Help You Build Credibility
  5. Your Competitors Probably Have One

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Neuro selling & why its the framework for maryamsmark clients

the rational brain, using your senses to make cent$ and your customer's journey

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. — Walt Disney

The deeper you dive into learning about the brain, the more you’ll be able to apply it to realms of your own life — like pursuing your passion.

When it comes to sales, the implementation of neuro-selling allows you to explore brand new avenues, by using this wealth of information to develop and implement strategies and tactics that will trigger buying responses in your customers. The best thing about neuro-selling is that…it works.

Delving into the three major parts of the brain with selling examples

When American physician and neuroscientist Paul MacLean set out to study the brain, he came up with a three-fold brain model to simplify the complex subject as best he could. His model is called a Triune. It divides the brain into three major parts: reptilian, paleomammalian, and neomammalian. The easiest way to remember it is by thinking of the first one as the most primitive one: “The reptilian brain”(old brain), next up are naturally our emotions: “Emotional brain” (paleomammalian or limbic system), and the last one is essentially our logic: “Rational brain” (neomammalian).

[Skipping over the reptilian brain and emotional brain details to take a laser focused dive in to explain why the rational brain is so important to Maryam’s Mark and Co.’s % Cent$ (Sense) of Selling framework], the rational brain consists of the thalamic structures of the brain as well as the neocortex and is responsible for decision making, problem-solving, memory, learning, and reasoning and other very vital functions. Mainly, this part of the brain receives and interprets information for the rest of the brain, which then dictates our actions.

This rational brain, or neomammalian, tends to associate senses like smells, taste, and touch to particular events, often based upon memories. The scent of rain may remind you of the carefree days of being a child, which generally puts you in a relaxed state of mind on stormy days. The smell of salty sea air might give you a pleasant warm feeling because you recall vacations you spent at the beach as a child. Or, it might make you sad because your ex-wife used to burn beach-scented candles and it reminds you of the heartbreak of your divorce. You may not even realize a taste, touch, or scent brings up such emotions.

The rational part of the brain plays a huge role in the process of making a decision, like whether to buy a particular product or not. Decisions are also based on emotions.

In 1921 German pharmacologist Otto Loewi (1873–1961) confirmed that neurons could communicate by releasing chemicals. Cognitive Neuroscience focuses on understanding how the brain and nervous systems react to factors such as emotions, memories, and emotions in the process of making decisions. Neurochemicals are involved as well.

Serotonin and Oxytocin are “feel good” hormones too. Serotonin makes us feel happy. Oxytocin is released when a buyer feels comfortable. It is responsible for causing your buyer to want to listen to you and reciprocate how you have made them feel.

Endorphins and Dopamine are chemicals within the brain, which make pain and fear diminish or disappear. When a problem is presented and solved, these chemicals are in full swing, promoting happy, pleasant feelings throughout the body, which make your customer quite likely to make a purchase. 

Setting your buyer at ease, solving buyer’s problems, and being a likable salesperson has always been important in sales. Now…you know why.

 ~SOURCE: Sebastian Vivacqua: Co-Founder @ The Sales Mastermind


Conclusion: The Future of the 5 Cent$ of Selling Framework

In her workshop, “Make Cent$ of Website Content Workshop – Secrets to Increase Your Online Sales,” Maryam Muhammad states using the five senses as one of your selling triggers can increase your bottom line and can be applied both online and off. Using the brain sensory system as a selling strategy is what customers need to ensure the experience desired is really golden enough to create repeat purchasing. During one of Maryam’s workshops, she covers how this sales strategy tt focus on incorporating the five senses—sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell—into your sales process to enhance your customer experience and potentially improve sales outcomes. She also expresses  how Incorporating the principles of neuro-selling throughout each stage of your online marketing funnel can create a holistic and engaging customer journey that appeals to their senses, emotions, and rational decision-making. Reflecting back on the rational brain with a goal to increase endorphins and dopamine to close your sell – and yes online and off.  The strategy Maryam teaches in her workshop is not complicated at all. Not to mention, during the workshop, participants are given the chance to get hands on advice live. Completing a worksheet during the group session – you will leave with firsthand knowledge on how to make sense. 

Are you ready to start making sense?

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