42 – 65 – 95 New You 2020

42 – 65 – 95 New You 2020


Hey Markers,

How are you all doing thus far? It’s the eleventh day of this new 2020 visionial year! How exciting is that? Are you one of the “New Year Resolution” setters? If so, are you on task with your goals? I am such a goal setting individual. Some techniques I use for the goals which I’ve met were simple, so I thought. However I’ve noticed what is simple to me is not simplistic for someone else – learnt. I’m sure I’ve shared a story on my family, my rather strict father who enjoyed finding strategies to increase “note taking” for my brothers and I. Asking why would only lead to “so you’d do it, and you will not forget because your wrote down the plan!” Well, reviewing now, I probably have a zillion notebooks full of goals, with dates or just ideas. I even have a notebook for my “dollar tree shopping spree” habit! Don’t laugh, I’m telling my truth. While some folks have a dice game gambling habit – spend unnecessarily at the dollar tree.

Anyway back to the original goal. Do you write down your goals? As a new year resolution setter, you should. Harvard Business School completed a study on goal setting. The study states; “writing down your goals makes you 42% more like to achieve them.” Well, well, well, my father is not a Harvard graduate, but he was on his A game for sure.

Add writing down your new year resolution GOALS, start that task today! Honestly is 42% are achieving their goals, than 58% are doing the opposite, right? Exactly. To assist yourself with goals achieving, grab your calendar – a printed calendar – not a techy phone calendar – select the date on when you will start and select your finish date – add the times as well. Just like going to the dentist, when you call you are given a date and a time – you need to do the same action steps with your new year resolution. Make sure you keep that goal, along with the time and date visible to help remind you to get to it! Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson wrote “deciding in advance where and when you’re going to take specific actions to reach your goal can actually double or triple your chances for success.” The only additional help you can get to is grab yourself some COMPANY to complete your resolution journey! Can you believe the truth with me? Please do! Studies show you have a 65% chance of completing a goal if you commit to someone! Having an accountability;partner greatly adds to your success! Your company will ask if you are on time, did you complete your idea, how’s the new hobby turned into a business going, did you make that call, did you really quit candy, etc.

Whichever expectations;you are setting within this 2020 new year, grab some company, please! Why? Because my father said so! Haha. But really, because an accountability; partner with setting appointments can increase your chance of success by 95%! Isn’t that amazing! Say yes, to that new year, new you – it is 2020 Booboo resolution success plan! Google it for yourself, if you have doubt in little ole me. The internet is full of real new, lol. Or read this ” written goal” of mine twice to notice the factual percentage increase from 42% on writing down goals, to 65% having a committed partner to work on goals as a team – grab some besties, then up goes the percentage;to a whopping; 95% when you and your accountability;friends set appointments! I sure would like to chat more on gaining a working accountability partner or three! Who’s with me? Message back. Go along friends, let’s get started now! Enjoy your weekend and your 2020,

42, 65, 95, new you,