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Maryam’s Mark & Co – Ads and Arts is a family owned and operated LLC founded by Maryam Muhammad, CEO, earned a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Designer, advertising professional and  fine artist. Maryam started her love for the arts at the young age of 7. Her father, a business owner and artist too, would  send her brother “Little Yahyah” to art classes while Maryam went to tap dance lessons but tap wasn’t of her interest. Sneaking around inside her brother’s room to take art supplies, Maryam started to sketch objects around the house and in school, keeping her craft a secret. During a school writing project, Maryam added a sketch to her story, allowing her teacher, peers and now, her parents to learn of her hidden talents as an artist – drawing a sketch which was mimicking a newspaper design. From then on, her father found countless art and technology programs for his daughter to attend. The dreadful tap dance lessons had finally ended, and the pencil has taken the lead. By tenth grade, Maryam gained a Fine Art Diploma from University of Penn, along with completing the 1997 Microsoft Certified Professional – Business Application course.  Upon completion,  Microsoft awarded her and the other selected students for this short ran pilot program, a personal computer.  After having a PC of her own everyone expected Maryam to grow her own business, using both her art and computer skills as a selling tool – this business is no surprise to her home community.


Maryam has created both digital and fine art; using high quality imagery to assist new businesses enhance their companies success for over 15 years. Medium ranges from fine art paintings, print, window display & web digital design, content writing, face painting, advertising classes, and you can become “caught on paint” by hosting an “in-home” art party. Her work can be seen in Philadelphia PA, New Jersey, California and globally online at




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