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Everything Starts at Art or…

…the headline. Enjoying art is more than a view of something classy. Art is a mindset for Maryam. Sharing art is her lifestyle. Creating for both enjoyment and  a career, view and buy arts based from a variety of subjects. Some creations are made from the heart, while some came from political inspirations of the news – headlines leads Maryam also known as “Sis Hand Sick” or “Yam” to paint her best portraits –  and sketch her most amazing masterpiece after masterpieces. Believing everything starts at art… or did the art begin after the headline! Watch the news from time to time – Maryam’s on spreading her artistic talents across Philadelphia. 

Do you need a painting, portrait or an illustration created?
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Mediums used vary but are not limited to:
Acrylic, pencil, conte, pastel and charcoal.
Canvas and Fabrics.

Art for sale! Interested in purchasing a painting?
Call for pricing. 267-474-6713

Need Maryam for Speaking engagements?
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