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Maryam’s Mark and Co had the opportunity to teach their Master’s Class to the Finata Financial Group. Meeting once a week, offering great lessons on floor plans from the sidewalk to the cash drawer. Each week learners where required to put the information to use. Tracking their sales growth, together has shown the exercises are a success. Page Huey, former Project Manager for the Woodland Avenue Revitalization Project offered her testimony below. 

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“On Tuesday, April 21st to a group of Southwest business owners on “Visual Merchandising-The Art of Display Sales!” at Southwest CDC by local business owner Maryam Muhammad, Creative Director of Operation at Maryam’s Mark and Co.  Muhammad focused on using the 5 senses to make “cents” in local retail spaces.  Muhammad talked about using lighting, displays and similar colors to create focal points for merchandise and to move product to different locations in the store as needed.  She also said to try “angles to create focus to lead customers to items”.  Muhammad encouraged owners to “not ignore your window display—use that to invite customers into your business”.  Use the 5 senses to create a welcoming environment for customers, “stimulate customer’s sales with proper displays of your products from the front door to the back of the store”. ” – SW  Globe Times Article Write Up by Page Huey of & SW Community Development Center. 


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