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Hi Markers,

I want to wish everyone a “day on” during this Martin Luther King Day. This is the 37 year of its national recognition. As I reflect over what to write to you, I think over all the many speeches and interviews given by the late, great MLK. Surpassing “I have a Dream” to listen with you other comments created by Dr. King – his full purpose – his full action was awakening. Today, some individuals are working on racial justice, continue the model of Dr. King – by not staying home to relax, to catch up on some sleep but to reach out to others, help one another and “bring about a solution to a problem.” What are you doing? Did you go out over these last few days with any goals to advocate? I found a project online, mathematical puzzles to work on with kids. I enjoyed watching the groups of children work on the various math solutions, then choose the correct word to learn a sentence or two from Dr. King’s speech. The project was able tackle two solutions – engaging children who are reluctant to learn math while offering historical content. This math puzzle helped me with opening the discussion of the today’s child “dream,” while speaking on the “Greensboro student sit-in movement” of the four African American students which staged a sit-in at a segregated Woolworth’s lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina, and refused to leave after being denied service. Our discussion was phenomenal, hearing today’s child create their version on what they’d do, some tied in the school lunch financial story of 2019 – enlightening. Today’s child, at mass, are not aware of this historical moment. Yes, mostly we recognize Dr. MLK – however how well is his story being told? I challenge you to find out by creating the discuss with your child(ren), family, little cousins and neighbors on the Greensboro Student Sit-In Movement or any MLK historical encounter. Enlighten yourselves and your closest love ones by sharing stories with each other. Dr. King said “you have a marvelous idea” and surely I believe this is a marvelous idea to educate our youth on yesterday’s tomorrow. Enjoy your day on – MLK Day. Take a moment to watch these videos given by the late great Rev Dr. Martin Luther King. 


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