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Top 7 Advantages of Online Marketing for Professional Services

  • Greater Profits: online marketing programs are more profitable, on average, than those that do not.
  • Faster Growth due to online lead generating. Studies suggest companies with online marketing techniques grow 40% faster than organizations who do not have an online marketing campaign.
  • Establish and build relationships more effectively.
  • Reach. Freedom to reach any geographic and any time zone.
  • Share. Demonstrate and share your expertise using online tools to grow and engage your audience – easier with the capability to track results.
  • Research. 3 out of 4 buyers check a company’s website before deciding to purchase
  • Savings. Less expensive than many realize!

(TIP: Three of the biggest blowout shopping days are Black Friday, Labor Day and Memorial Day. Memorial Day is in May ~ Source: Nerdwallet).


E-comm Projections

E-commerce Sales Projections Will Hit 7.4 Trillion Dollars by 2025:

According to the International Trade Administration, global retail eCommerce sales will rise steadily by 2024, accounting for nearly 20% of total retail sales. The number is expected to increase by 50% over the next four years, reaching a value of 7.4 trillion dollars by 2025. In early 2020, the pandemic hit the world, and consumer behavior began to change. About 48% of consumers say that the pandemic has permanently altered their shopping habits.

By 2022, worldwide e-commerce sales are expected to total $5.545 trillion, a growth of nearly 20%. By 2025, the share of e-commerce in global retail is projected to reach 24.5 percent. By 2025, China’s retail e-commerce market will represent 33.3% of total retail sales, and 77.9 percent of all online purchases will take place in the country.

A recent report from Finaria, an e-commerce research company, predicts that global e-commerce sales will reach $7.385 trillion. In 2022, that figure was accounted for only 13.6% of total retail sales. However, the market is expected to grow to over seven trillion dollars by 2025. By that time,

China’s ecommerce market will account for over 50% of all retail sales. Ecommerce will make up over two-thirds of global retail sales by 2025.

The growth of ecommerce has led to the opening up of global markets to foreign businesses. The internet has allowed companies to sell products to customers worldwide. According to Financial, the number of consumers purchasing goods will reach 7 billion shortly. By 2025, it will account for twenty percent of all retail sales. For China, that means that ecommerce sales will account for fifty-six percent of the global market by that year.

The ecommerce market is projected to reach $7.385 trillion by 2025. This is staggering growth in retail sales. By 2025, the e-commerce market will account for nearly twenty-five percent of all retail sales. The development will be slower in developing countries for many countries, but it is expected to reach a trillion dollars by 2025. This growth ratio will continue for the next several years.

Currently, China has a considerable ecommerce market, but travel restrictions have impacted it. E-commerce has affected those in China have been affected by ecommerce, which is a significant disruption to the industry. However, it has been growing fast and has a massive impact on their economies. The growth in the ecommerce market is anticipated to continue for the next four years.

Conclusion: The pandemic has been a critical factor in accelerating the growth of e-commerce in the U.S. by 2025, and it will account for nearly two-thirds of global retail sales. The development of e-commerce has continued to accelerate with the onset of the pandemic, with five-year trends forecasted by Adobe and IBM. Currently, e-commerce sales in the U.S. are estimated to reach $876 billion in the first quarter of 2021, up 38% from the previous year. The top three categories by which consumers make online purchases are apparel and footwear, which account for $1,059.




Eight Marketing Activities

Continue pushing your “Summer Sales!” Wrap up any Spring Deals you are offering and start your product/service mentions for June. There are a only a couple major holidays during June but that doesn’t stop buyers shopping habits or betting strategies. Be prepared, create your  digital written content for your deals now.  Try these 8 Marketing Activities:

  • Create Sales Taglines 
  • Write Lead-Ins
  • Review last years revenue 
  • Create a sales strategy
  • Use Email Marketing to drive traffic & engage your customers
  • Discuss Moneyline Betting
  • Share Health Tips
  • Mention products benefits including your current customers happy experiences

BONUS: Ask your 2021 customers and supporters for feedback – use their insight to grow your audience. Make sure to show your customers you’re their best listener by using their suggestions. 


whats a hot sales item?

Known as one of the top spending holiday’s is Mother’s Day. Reviewing listing for tops gifts, it seems Mothers of 2022 want to be more efficient in the kitchen, have a relaxing beverage and a bath. Top items for 2022 Moms are an Instant Pot Due Electric 6-Quart Pressure Cooker, Wines and Bath bombs kits. Following right behind Mothers Day is Fathers Day in June. Although Fathers are not breaking the bank or cash registers ranking in gifts the way mothers are, fathers still have a wish list. Dad’s of ’22 want some tech! On their wish list I found Amazon’s Echo Show 8, Bose Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speaker and Dad’s want a Slow Cooker too, preferably programmable.

Sell Better: 3 Buyer Types | Show Shared Interest | Offer a Wow Factors

Lead qualification is the process of determining whether or not a lead is worth pursuing. Sales reps use the BANT framework to qualify leads regarding long term customer.

Do you score your leads?

A sales process refers to the concrete steps and actions a sales rep goes through to make a sale. These are repeatable steps to convert a prospect into a loyal customer. Automation is a great tool for sales.

Tell us your sales process!

Common customer pain points include spending too much on a solution, wasting time when buying, experiencing a bad selling process, and not getting enough post sale support.

Ready to analyze your pain points?

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