A Calendar and Our Connection

I have checked my calendar two or three times, and guess what – nothing says “released” yet from these Stay Home orders. I’m hearing soon some stores in West Pennsylvania will start re-open however have numbers for anything declined? These numbers are like math equations – confirmation, estimations, rational numbers – decimals and then carry the day. Will the economy survive or not? Do we have enough sand to wait things out or do we need to rush back to the boardwalk and go swimming at he beach? Businesses located on the coast are already seasonal, right? Closures of the beach during warm weather isn’t the best financial decision but what if you open too soon, risk your health – and then who will open your business after COVID19 has passed on?

People it looks like a case of “HEALTH vs.  ECONOMICS!”

Your store and your happy place will be there, with new customers after this time is gone. Let this crazy crisis pass. Connect to your customers using a different method.  We can help you start an online store and   you can use email marketing. We understand it’s a difficult time for any business owner, and we’re here to help you get through it. That’s why we’ve created our new Client Markers Resource Center.  We will help you plan ways to connecting with your customers – online while creatively growing your business. Think of it as this just time for a change.

Don’t allow this invisible bully to make you close down completely or re-open to soon. You are busy in business regardless of COVID19. Do what Ludacris said to this COVID19, and “drop bows on em,” by staying committed to your business. Use the Maryam’s Mark Client Markers Resource Center today to shape your business back on track now.

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