Web Design 5 Page – Medium


Website Design Medium includes WordPress Pro Theme
Initial Deposit
5 Web Page E-commerce Website  w/ three form
Gateway Integration

New Customers / New Website Designs
50% Down payment to Start – a must to start website design process
*Free 30 minute website consultation – a must prior to start.

Website Design Payment Plan  | Remaining Balance
Balance Terms: Select between two weekly options.

Make Your Recurring Payment Plan Here: Due Weekly
5 Page Web Dev Payment Plan

Recurring Balance Terms: 

Website Design Balance | Payment Plan
Option #1 – $450.00/weekly for 5 weeks
$321.42/weekly for 7 weeks

Select to continue making easy payments of $450/weekly or $321.42/weekly towards your balance of new website development ordered. .  Customers must review and sign contract agreement with specify details to their website development products/services. Amount of Weekly Payment selected at time of initial order. Payments automatically debited from your credit/debit – recurring every week during term until balance is completely paid.


Read and Agree to Terms and Conditions


Website Design  | Medium 
Five (5) Page Website  with Payment Gateway & Product Setup

New Customers / New Website Designs
50% Down payment to Start – a must to start website design process.
*Free 30 minute website consultation – a must prior to start.
Reg. Price – $4499.00

50% Down payment Needed – $2250.00
Balance: Weekly Payments Options: View Details


  • HTML to CMS Five (5) Page Customized E-commerce Website, UX/UI Wire-framing, Plugin, CSS, Responsive Web Development – WordPress Pro Theme provided by Maryam’s Mark and Co.
  • Up to 15 Images/products  Updated with size edits + one additional “Product Image” per e-comm (not to exceed 15 images) = In total 30 Images.
  • 5 Header Images
  • Connection to Payment Gateway with link integration – (WooCommerce for WP) – (Book Me for Zenfolio)
  • Website Brand Matching: Research and Install New WP Pro Theme (from our MaryamsMark Partner Que) for new website per customer’s niche description/services product needs – selection process.
  • Product/Service Image Loading & Editing
  • Header, & Feature Image Design and Upload
  • Image alteration i.e. size edits & design elements (all images which are provided by customer must be “Royalty Free Images” with proof. Maryam’s Mark offers stock photography with customer approval. Stock Images go through selection process.
  • Limited revisions to 3 updates/revision per page/ per text/ image designed.
  • Three (3) Forms / Plugin (Customer can purchase Pro Plugins for additional functionality – depending on customer needs/interest – pro plugin price separately – plugin pro price not included in Maryam’s Mark Website Design / Development Fee).
  • Additional revision fee starting at $149.00 -2 per web page. Revision prices may vary over $149.00 upon web coding/development processing needs.
  • Meta Description, Product Image, and Product Gallery Upload
  • Lite Content Writing & Subject Line Editing (Written Description provided by Customers preferred)
  • Marketing Consultation (up to 90 minutes per payment – including emails, phone calls & text messaging)
  • WordPress Pro Theme from MaryamsMark collection included in fee. Customers are welcomed to submit their own Pro Theme. No fee reductions from MaryamsMark will be offered if Customer submits their own WP Pro theme.

First Balance Payment Due 1 (One) Week after initial Payment. Select Between Two Payment Fee Options: Here

Websites powered by WordPress, & Zenfolio only.

Read and Agree to “Terms and Conditions”

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