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Sharing our belief everything starts at art, is then designed and printed into a masterpiece to be circulated to make your mark! Maryam’s Mark & Company offers three art influenced identity packages to assist your company with making your mark in today’s competitive marketplace. Each package has an initial down payment to begin our design process. Weekly/Bi-weekly payments will be scheduled and debit with each client’s fee agreement. Pick the package that fits your company’s desires than let’s get started!

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A great logos should have be appropriate, distinctive, memorable, yet simple while still reflecting your mission statement.  Allow Maryam’s Mark specialist help by creating your logo today. Maryam’s Mark has a system of starting with the “Doodle Test” or the “Thumb Nail ” then onward, get set, go – vector completion! Creative Satisfaction necessary! Review which logo category is best for your business venture – HERE!



Maryam’s Mark specialist will help your company establish the look you will need to build recognition for your services.

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Thank you in advance for creating with Maryam’s Mark Total Marketing System Gurus! We seek your approval to help us grow. Maryam’s Mark appreciates you!




DISCLOSURE: Maryam’s Mark and Company – Ads & Arts prides ourselves on customer satisfaction. Creating your brand is important to us because it is important to you. We acquire the skills and expertise to create the brand for small start-up businesses. Remembering creating your perfect logo which will be shared across several platforms, added to marketing collaterals for your family, friends and customers to recognize for you will take time. Rushing the branding process can become hard to nurture your company towards the best and most effective logo. We encourage our customers to have the time necessary to create the best logo with an effective strategy. MM & Co ask our customers to discuss with our creative director on rather they are satisfied. Although we do not offer refunds, we can determine a different process as it relates to create your perfect design. Let’s discuss how we can satisfy your design needs.

NOTE: New Fees effective August 1, 2019.  Not retroactive for prior customers. 
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